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р. 6 апреля 1928

Американский биолог, лауреат нобелевской премии по физиологии (1962 г.) за открытие структуры молекулы ДНК и ее роли в передачи наследственной информации; атеист

Джеймс Уотсон (James Watson) Джеймс Уотсон (James Watson) “The biggest advantage to believing in God is you don't have to understand anything, no physics, no biology. I wanted to understand... I think the morality comes from human nature. I think we were born to care for one another... It gives people pleasure to help each other.”
Nobel Laureate James Watson, Youngstown State University speech, quoted in The Vindicator, Dec. 2, 2003

“Every time you understand something, religion becomes less likely. Only with the discovery of the double helix and the ensuing genetic revolution have we had grounds for thinking that the powers held traditionally to be the exclusive property of the gods might one day be ours...

[As a young man ] I came to the conclusion that the church was just a bunch of fascists that supported Franco. I stopped going on Sunday mornings and watched the birds with my father instead.”
London Telegraph, March 22, 2003

"The luckiest thing that ever happened to me was that my father didn't believe in God, and so he had no hang-ups about souls. I see ourselves as products of evolution, which itself is a great mystery."
Discover Dialogue: Reversing Bad Truths, Discover (Volume 24, 2003)

"I don't think we're for anything, we're just products of evolution. You can say 'Gee, your life must be pretty bleak if you don't think there's a purpose' but I'm anticipating a good lunch."
Interview with Richard Dawkins

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