Элизабет Кэди Стантон (Elizabeth Cady Stanton)






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Элизабет Кэди Стантон (Elizabeth Cady Stanton) Элизабет Кэди Стантон (Elizabeth Cady Stanton) "That [sensible things to read] disabused my mind of hell and the devil and of a cruel, avenging God, and I have never believed in them since." Interview, Chicago Record, June 29, 1897, quoted in Women Without Superstition.

"I found nothing grand in the history of the Jews nor in the morals inculcated in the Pentateuch. Surely the writers had a very low idea of the nature of their god. They made him not only anthropomorphic, but of the very lowest type, jealous and revengeful, loving violence rather than mercy. I know of no other books that so fully teach the subjection and degradation of women." Women Without Superstition.

"The Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of women's emancipation." Treasury of Women's Quotations.

"I can say that the happiest period of my life has been since I emerged from the shadows of superstitions of the old theologies, relieved from all gloomy apprehensions of the future, satisfied that as my labors and capacities were limited to this sphere of action, I was responsible for nothing beyond my horizon, as I could neither understand nor change the condition of the unknown world. Giving ourselves, then, no trouble about the future, let us make the most of the present, and fill up our lives with earnest work here." "The Pleasures of Age," in The Boston Investigator, Feb. 2, 1901, quoted in Women Without Superstition.


Eighty Years and More.
The Woman's Bible.
Solitude of Self.

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