Питер Брайан Медавар (Sir Peter Brian Medawar)






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Английский биолог, иммунолог, лауреат Нобелевской премии по медицине (1960 г.); атеист.

Питер Медавар (Peter Medawar) Питер Медавар (Peter Medawar) "I regret my disbelief in God."
The Question of the Existence of God.

"It goes with the passionate intensity and deep conviction of the truth of a religious belief, and of course of the importance of the superstitious observances that go with it, that we should want others to share it -- and the only certain way to cause a religious belief to be held by everyone is to liquidate nonbelievers. The price in blood and tears that mankind generally has had to pay for the comfort and spiritual refreshment that religion has brought to a few has been too great to justify our entrusting moral accountancy to religious belief."
The Question of the Existence of God.

"To abdicate from the rule of reason and substitute for it an authentication of belief by the intentness and degree of conviction with which we hold it can be perilous and destructive. Religious beliefs give a spurious spiritual dimension to tribal enmities."
The Question of the Existence of God.

"It is naive to suppose that the acceptance of evolution theory depends upon the evidence of a number of so-called "proofs"; it depends rather upon the fact that the evolutionary theory permeates and supports every branch of biological science, much as the notion of the roundness of the earth underlies all geodesy and all cosmological theories on which the shape of the earth has a bearing. Thus antievolutionism is of the same stature as flat-earthism."
quoted from Tower of Babel: The Evidence Against the New Creationism by Robert T. Pennock.